About the Trust

The Brian Mason Scientific & Technical Trust was established in July 1991 to receive and allocate grants for the advancement of scientific and technical objectives in Canterbury and Westland, New Zealand. The Trust is incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.

The Objectives of the Trust are:

  • Promote teaching, demonstration and public awareness of scientific and technical subjects
  • Assist in the establishment and support of scientific and technical institutions
  • Promote research in science and technology
  • Promote public interest in scientific and technical subjects

The Trustees meet twice a year to consider grants for projects. The Trustees will consider projects in all areas of science and technology other than medical, as long as the project has a Canterbury and/or Westland focus. To date the Trust has supported over 200 projects carried out in Canterbury and Westland, New Zealand.

The Trustees

  • Mr John Woodward (Chair)
  • Dr Jane Shearer
  • Dr Margaret Bradshaw
  • Mr Andrew Dark
  • Professor Euan Mason (University of Canterbury appointee)
  • Professor Steve Wratten (Lincoln University appointee)